Tips for Mattress Recycling

Need some tips for mattress recycling in Austin? Check this post on how you can reduce the amount of waste in landfills by recycling your mattress. Do you have any idea that thousands of mattresses make their way into landfills on a daily basis? Although eco-friendly mattresses are available, we still dispose of the old ones. Mattresses are made of materials when separated can be recycled and reused. While facilities for mattress recycling ( https://www.kingsofwaste.com/blog ) are not in many places, but as demand for recycling increases, more organizations and facilities will understand the need and then we can avoid mattresses from clogging landfills.

Break your Mattress for Recycling

Mattresses need to be deconstructed for reaching the usable materials and once the process started; many components of the mattresses can be recycled. The recycle components are as follows:

• Steel – Innerspring mattresses contain 25 pounds of steel. After it is removed, the steel can be melted for making auto parts, construction, and roofing materials.

• Memory and Poly Foam – Foam that is used for making the comfort layer of the mattress can be shredded and create items that require dense foam like car seats or carpet padding.

• Wood – Although mattresses do not have a wooden frame, many box springs and foundations have. The frame can be chipped for making paper or used as manure in the garden.

• Fabric – The cover of the mattress can be shredded, washed, removed and turned into thread or can be used for making textiles.

Finding Proper Facilities

While you can deconstruct mattresses, it is time-consuming and difficult. Mattress recycling requires special facilities due to the deconstruction process. The most cost-effective way is to collaborate and request current recycling facilities to recycle mattresses. Facilities that provide recycling services charge a small fee from $20 to $60 for disposing of the mattresses. You will be amazed to know that the fees you are paying are put to good use like:

• Pay recycling facility personnel

• Purchasing materials and containers required at the collection site

• Transport to the facility

• Facilitation of recycling and collection events


Mattress recycling in Austin ( https://www.kingsofwaste.com/mattress-disposal.html ) is still a new service. For people who do not have a facility in their area, donating mattresses can be a better option. Many local and national charitable organizations collect mattresses that are resold and distributed to the needy ones. You must keep in mind that a mattress has to meet certain standards, especially with the increase in bed bug problems. When donating mattresses, make sure it should be free from holes, stains, and bugs.

Mattress Upcycling

Upcycling means reusing a product that creates a product of a better quality or more environmental value. There are various ways to upcycle your mattress where the old mattresses are converted into functional works of art like:

• Pet beds

• Crafty gates and fences

• Wine racks

• Lawn furniture

• Sturdy plant trellises

Take the blank canvas of an old mattress and see what you can create and tickle your brain to bring innovative ideas.