Benefits of Weibo Advertising for Foreign Businesses

And if you are looking at Weibo as a platform for advertising, it will not disappoint you. It is considered as one of the best platforms for advertising.

Weibo advertising offers numerous benefits to businesses. And for foreign businesses, it is often the key part of their digital marketing campaign. Have a look at some major benefits of Weibo advertising ( adstochina.westwin/Weibo-Advertising ) for foreign businesses.

Massive exposure

Millions of users daily use Weibo for updates, interacting with friends, and sharing their photos and videos. At any point, you have millions of users to target. You can reach a vast audience through advertising on Weibo. This massive exposure helps you build brand awareness of your brand. You can run an effective Weibo advertising campaign to reach out to your potential customers.

Various marketing tools

Weibo is an ideal platform for marketing. Weibo advertising options such as Weibo search engine promotion, display ads, fan tunnels, and fan headlines allow businesses to create interactive ads and interact with their potential customers. Also, businesses can choose their target audience based on various demographics, and one can also easily track their marketing campaign on Weibo and measure its impact.

Improve brand awareness

To improve brand awareness of your business you have to consistently keep interacting with your target audience. Advertising options like fan tunnel allow you to promote a specific post or your account at the top of the user’s newsfeed. When you don’t have a huge fan following, this advertising option can really give you immediate followers. Also, Weibo users never mind sharing the content they like. If you are creating good quality content that resonates with customers’ emotions, they will share it with their friends, which can give a huge boost to your brand awareness and build brand recognition.

Better conversions

You can earn a lot of customers for your business through Weibo advertising. Weibo is a great place for businesses and individuals to interact. Weibo is integrated into Chinese people's lives. They actively shop, make buying decisions, search for jobs, and spent a lot of time on Weibo. They actually pay attention to things shown on their newsfeed. Businesses can easily make new contacts and market the products they want to sell in the Chinese market. If you follow your marketing strategy right, there is a high probability of conversions.

Cheap marketing platform

Last but not least; Weibo is cheaper than other marketing platforms. The cost per thousand impressions on Weibo is 55 times cheaper than as compared to WeChat. You can cost-effectively reach a vast audience with Weibo advertising ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ). Whereas to produce the same results through other marketing platforms, you have to spend more this makes other marketing platforms less profitable than Weibo.

So these are the five key benefits of Weibo advertising.