An Ultimate Guideline to Begin SMM in China with Weibo Marketing

Millions of enterprises from corporate groups to SMEs with the target to flourish their business in China through its one of the largest social sites like Weibo Marketing ( adstochina.westwin/Weibo-Marketing ) are not fully aware of Weibo and its scopes. Unsurprisingly, Founded in 2009, it boasts an astounding success story in the domain of microblogging equivalent to Twitter from the west. Sometimes it also bears a resemblance to Facebook at various points. With over 510 million registered users and representing across 190 countries, it has been proved to be a high potential social media marketing platform in China. With a whopping mass of audience, it also offers unbelievable opportunities for potential enterprises to engage them with prospective Chinese customers and help them thrive in this foreign market.

Important steps to position your product/services on Weibo

• Since the digital marketing area of this largest business hub in China is dramatically different from West in terms of its language, Great firewall of China that has banned Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, preferences of customers and their behavior, it’s vital for you to work with a registered agent in Webio group to get you officially registered and successfully promote your brand on this platform.

• Creation of audience persuasive content strategy in Webio Marketing while incorporating them with great pictures and videos and pictures. Use these tools to deliver the valued experience to the viewers including innovate ideas and your product positioning and so on. Ensure that the marketing concept that you follow and your product position in the ad plan provide maximum value and meaning to your target audience. Also, consider investing in target market-based advertising campaign onsite.

• The Chinese marketing agency will work with you and develop highly engaging articles and blogs with the effective use of major influencers and bloggers to maximize engagements.

• Continue posting regular blogs, contents, and messages, respond to their comments without delay that typically makes you well-activated and being visible on different sites.

Three Basic ways to promote your brand via Weibo Marketing

Weibo Fans headlines

This is the easiest and most productive tool for promoting any post by placing it at the top of followers’ feed. As of today, Weibo charges approximately 2.37 RMB against each post you like to display above your rivals on per day basis. You can also get lucrative discount offers from Webio Marketing team depending on the type of your advertisement. This is truly an effective way to Weibo to get increased number of clicks from your brand followers.

Weibo Fans pass

This kind of promotion entails an advertising campaign that one can initiate and manage by having an ad account. The ad accounting process requires local ID and takes nearly 72 hours for approval of the process.

Weibo’s Microtask

This is another fantastic advertisement tool widely known as Micro Task and engages KOLs or Key Opinion Leaders. If you’re interested to explore the great potential of KOLs platform for efficient Weibo marketing ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ), you’ve to invest about 2,000 RMB for business enterprises.