What are the Uses of Cold Therapy Machine for Pain Relief?

A cold therapy machine is a device designed for the efficient delivery of cold temperatures over orthopedic injuries. Cold therapy is a popular remedy to heal pain resulting from orthopedic injuries and surgeries.

But first, what exactly is cold therapy?

Understanding Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is a healing technique, which involves the use of freezing temperatures. The cold application over injuries or affected muscles reduces inflammation and pain resulting from it. It does so by temporarily blocking nerve communication.

Its delivery needs to be perfect for it to show optimal results. Use of ice packs is not the best way to deliver it. Ice packs can melt and drip water over surgical wounds; increasing your chances of contracting post-operative infections. The uneven shape of ice packs is also not right for the cold to reach deep inside the tissues. It is best delivered using a cold therapy machine ( IsoComforter/Cold-Therapy-Machine ).

It is best to use cold therapy machines designed using the latest technologies. For instance, IsoComforter machines are made using the patented Iso tube technology. It helps in the safe and efficient delivery of cold therapy. IsoComforter healing pads contain ridges for optimal skin contact with freezing temperatures.

Pain Relief Using a Cold Therapy Machine

Use of a machine helps with the consistent use of cold therapy. Consistent use is necessary for cold therapy to show good results. Such optimal results are simply not possible using ice packs.

Post-surgical pain –

Cold therapy is often recommended for patients recovering from knee, hip, back, and shoulder surgeries. It is useful for patients recovering from shoulder, knee, or hip replacement surgeries.

Cold therapy helps them with speedy recovery by reducing their post-operative pain. It also helps them regain range of motions in their joints; enabling them to begin their physical therapy without delay.

Pain from injuries –

Pain from orthopedic injuries can last for years down the line. So, it is important to use cold therapy to fully recover from the injuries.

You can use cold therapy to reduce pain due to fractures or ligament tears. You don’t need to use pain-reducing pills when you use cold therapy. Pain-relieving medicines can be addictive in the long run. So, it is better to use holistic remedies such as cold therapy to for pain relief.

Muscle pain –

Sore muscles can cause a lot of discomfort and pain if not treated. Sore muscles can result from sports training or intense workouts. Even a tiring day at work can cause muscle pain. Instead of taking pills for relief, you can simply use cold therapy for a relaxing healing session.

People in occupations involving extensive use of machines or computers often experience pain in their shoulders and back. Using a cold therapy machine ( IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine ) can be helpful for them also. When your muscles are aching, you can’t possibly hold ice packs over your shoulders or back. Using a machine can be very useful in this regard.

You can use cold therapy once or twice a day or as your doctor recommends.