An Idyllic Trip to Mount Rainier

Get the chance to visit one of the United States’ oldest and most beautiful national parks of all times, Mt. Rainier National Park. Ideally for people who like the outdoors, a trip to Mt. Rainier ( naturenutstravel.com/mt-rainier-tour ) does involve a fair deal of hiking. Even so, it is considered a must-visit attraction when in Seattle (a mere 59 miles away) and is a trip worth remembering.

A Little History

This national park was established in the year of 1899 and was built with the initiative to save the wildlife surrounding Mount Rainier. For those of you wondering about Rainier, it is actually an active volcano that stands tall (at a stunning 4392 meters) above sea level today. But this national park goes way beyond that; its natural appeal is what truly captivates its visitors. Encompassing over 369 square miles of lush, green forests, this national park is a must-visit for all the nature lovers in the house!

A Global Attraction

There’s no doubt that Mt. Rainier is a global attraction today. Even though it draws locals from Seattle, it also has visitors from all across the world. Coming in to enjoy some peace and quiet amidst nature’s arms, they often leave with wide smiles across their faces.

Whether you’re trekking amidst wildflower meadows or just taking in the glacial scenery of the Pacific Northwest, Mt. Rainier’s does not disappoint. Make sure to spot along your way the natural ways of wildlife such as black bears, mountain goats, and elk! Watching them go about their days in their natural habitat is more than enough to get your day started. You further have the option to camp and lodge outside or inside the park, depending on your choice. Either way, rest assured that you wake up to some picturesque views, views that you cannot get at any metropolis.

Hiking Through Mt. Rainier

Taking a hike through Mt. Rainier ( https://www.naturenutstravel.com/ ) is the dream: the beautiful trails lead you toward the best spots in this national park. View cascading waterfalls, lush meadows, and meandering streams at the viewpoints. The renowned Wonderland Trail is the best of them all, covering over 93 miles that ventures around the entire mountain- venture if you dare!

Bicycling Through Mt. Rainier

Let’s get real for a second, hiking around an entire mountain isn’t for everyone! However, if you want sites equally astonishing with half the effort, go cycling. Cyclists have often raved about this route, for it is both challenging and relaxing. Besides, the scenic views make up for the extra effort. September and October are the months considered ideal for this ordeal.

Prepare for A Day of Fun

There are many tour options available, most of which are full-day (or more than just a full-day) tours. So, ensure to pack all the essentials for at least 12 hours. Additionally, don’t forget to put on your trekking shoes, because while the terrain is not terribly tough, you will be walking (or cycling) the whole day. This applies even if you’re not going to hike, because walking to reach certain viewpoints can still be taxing.