Sustainable Ways to Recycle Your Electronics

Everyone loves electronics and unless these electronic devices are traded for a new device, these gadgets eventually reach the end of their lives and turn into electronic waste. And this is a huge problem. Unfortunately these products also contain toxic substances like cadmium, mercury, and lead that need to be disposed of carefully. No matter where you live, there are safer ways for disposing and recycling of electronic waste.

Things to do Before Electronics Recycling in Austin

Before throwing away your electronics, delete all the personal information. For computers and mobiles, do an online search and you will find steps to wipe your hard drive and all personal data from your smartphone.

If your electronics have rechargeable batteries, please remove them before disposal and separately recycle them. These batteries contain harmful substances and should not be sent to landfills.

Recycling your old gadgets will help in conserving the materials they contain and at the same time will keep any hazardous substances out of landfills. Consider fee options to recycle your electronics in Austin.

Find a Trade-In or Take-Back Program

When you are deciding to upgrade your electronics, contact the retailer or manufacturer to check if they offer any trade-in option or discount for returning an old model. Few companies provide a mail-in option that offers gift cards in exchange for Bluetooth speakers, tablets, e-readers and cell phones.

Look for Retailer Recycling Programs

Some retailers host programs for electronics recycling in Austin ( https://kingsofwaste.com/Electronic ). Call to verify whether the location is near you and accept your items and plan to drop them off. Some firms also place drop boxes at retail locations that allow you to recycle rechargeable batteries and cellphones by dropping them off.

Visiting a local e-waste collection event

Often municipalities host events for helping residents to get rid of electronics in a responsible manner. Dial Austin’s services department to inquire if there is an event being hosted near your area. Please ask the type of products they will be accepting and the location to drop off your electronics for recycling ( https://www.kingsofwaste.com/blog ).

Find a Local Electronics Recycler

There are a few recycling facilities that specialize in electronics. Do an online search to find a center near you that accepts old electronics.

Selling Old Electronics

If your electronics are still in good working condition, plan to sell them on your own rather throwing them away. There are websites that have the option to list your items for others to make a bid, so you easily get rid of your gadgets without dumping them into a landfill.


Electronics that are in working condition and are not outdated can be donated to charity rather throwing away. Please donate if they are not more than five years old or functioning reliably or need not require any major repairs or replacement parts. Local libraries, schools, employment, and adult education programs often accept used computers and accessories, while homeless shelters occasionally look for TVs and cellphones.