The Magic of a Personalized Watch Box

Is A Watch Box Really A Good Gift?

Well, always know your audience. If the person you’re getting the watch box for is an avid watch collector or has different watches for different occasions, or just has plenty of watches lying around, a watch box would be considered a rather thoughtful gift. For starters, they go far beyond the mere allure and protect the watch, a fact many people are left in the dark about.

Watch Boxes Are Helpful?

Yes, indeed. They are used mainly to protect the watch from external factors like moisture, scratches, potential theft, and many more. So not only is this gift a good idea from a design standpoint, but you also get “thoughtful friend” points for buying your friend a watch box. That said, if your friend owns just one watch, you might want to keep looking for gift options.

Personalized Watch Boxes?

Now that we’ve established the vitality of a watch box let’s talk about aesthetic appeal. From a design perspective, a case can be embellished quite a bit to match your level of expectation: whether it’s getting a watch case with a fur lining, or a clear top, or ornated with beads. But what makes a watch box the perfect gift for your special someone? Personalize it! Engrave it with your favorite quote or a line from your favorite song. Either way, nothing screams intimate like a personalized watch box ( https://www.watchboxco.com/blogs/news )!

How To Go About Getting A Personalized Watch Box?

Believe it or not, a watch case has the most bearing on the watch’s overall look. You can easily recognize some of the watches by the shape of their cases, for instance. There are simple steps to consider while buying a personalized watch box; they are easy to follow, and you can order it up in no time!

1. Choose the desired watch box of your choice

This might seem like the easier task of the 4, but the truth is that this step is the most challenging of all. There are many types and shapes of watch boxes, such as the tank, the tonneau, favorite round, cushion, asymmetrical, avant-garde, and many others. The first step is knowing the kind of watch your friend already possesses. You don’t want to buy a watch box in an asymmetrical shape when he/she owns a tank-shaped watch. Do your research, find out the kind of watch box you’d like to invest in, and move on to step 2!

2. Select the personalization style and desired font

Choose between some of the best-known fonts for engravings, such as the Monotype Corsiva (the most popular of them all), the French script, Calibri, or even the classic Times New Roman. The personalization style involves the layout of the text and where you want it to be placed on the watch box.

3. Pick a word or sentence to be engraved

The second hardest part is finding the appropriate thing to say on the personalized watch box ( WatchBoxCo.com/pages/personalized-watch-box ). Dig deeper and come up with something meaningful that sums up your relationship with the person and write it down.

4. Order it up

Click “order” from trusted websites like Etsy, Personal Creations, or even Amazon! The perfect gift of a personalized watch box will soon be on its way to you.