Why Should You Consider Promoting Your Business in China with Baidu Advertising?

Being a potential business enterprise, planning to enter China, the question arises why you would’ve your first choice to be visible on Baidu? So long it matters to competition, Baidu has the good number of rival groups in China, but none of those come anywhere to match its demand. With more than 90% of Chinese searchers equivalent to 790 million Chinese internet users, and more than 76% market stake, Baidu boasts for having elevated potential audience for your products and services. Baidu, the largest search engine and one of the most popular advertisement platforms, is outfitted with a number of great Baidu advertisement options for your business promotion, and this article is indented to highlight on it.

Marketing with Baidu

Baidu Tuigang

It’s a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform which replicates Google Adwords or Adsense. It allows its advertisers to display their business ads, especially on the SERP’s of Baidu as also on the websites for businesses that are related to Baidu Union. Your ad should be meaningfully in the Chinese language while your company needs to be registered in Baidu to avail such an advantage.

Pay for placement (P4P)

This Baidu advertising ( www.adstochina.westwin/Baidu-Advertising ) service allows enterprises to advertise on Baidu to reach customers backed by relevant searches and thereby enables them to bid on various keywords to display website links that take the user to the product/service details. It enables you to effectively buy priority positions in search engine page result pages.


This is an exclusive business promotional service that is restricted to Baidu’s Union members. It is mainly targeted to relevant searches apart from the benefits of using Baidu Tuigang.

Baidu TV

Baidu advertising is operated partnering with ‘Ads it!’ and Media Corporation, which allows advertisers to get access to the website of Baidu’s Union members’ websites.

How to get started

As stated about, you have to get a persuasive Chinese website and complete the official formalities to get started with Baidu adverting for which working with a professional digital marketing company should be your first aim. To help you make your Baidu advertising ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ) plan a success, it has been prepared with --

• Baidu Zhishu

Baidu Zhishu is an indexing tool which is designed to analyze the behavioral data types of your advertisement and adds value to your searches with relevant keywords. It displays your historical data, data types based on regions, search trends and a number of guidelines for effectively approaching your online promotion with Baidu.

• Keywords Planner

This is another great tool offered by Baidu for its advertisers, enabling them to showcase you a set of keywords with the volume of their search numbers in real-time. Especially whereas you are intended to the ad through P4P ads, it can help you bid on those specific keywords.

• Baidu Analytics

Just similar to Baidu Analytics, you can get comprehensive statics of your website tracking system, whereas you can find information like the volume of traffic coming to your site, their location, time of their access, and others. No wonder, equipped with an expert digital agency in China, you can derive the highest value of Baidu analytics to make your business flourish in the world’s largest business hub.