Why One Must Buy a Backpack with Shoe Compartment?

Some people pursue a simple workout, others cross-fit, and some involved in heavy lifting. Every type of workout is different, and whatever your preference for workout may be, it should be reflected in your bag. You do not require a bulky and a large bag if you are only entering the gym for using the elliptical, but if your plan is to go to work after the gym or going for a gym session on your way home, then you need to have a specialized bag with lots of space to put your extra belongings. Specifically, there is one vital aspect that is a complete must-have: a backpack with a shoe compartment ( livewell360.com/backpack-with-shoe-compartment ). There are many brands that offer this type of backpack as well as other features; it is a combination of versatility, convenience, durable – materials and long-lasting into one beautiful package.


We have put some vital components of a backpack with a shoe compartment in order to be versatile and convenient.

Very Easy to Clean

If you get some sand or dirt from an outdoor run into your backpack, it will not be a big problem to clean the bag as it is made of materials that make it simple to scrub away the grime and dirt. If you buy from a top brand, the exterior is made from high-quality ballistic nylon that can withstand any element while the interior is made of crimson liner. To clean dirty spots on both the interior and exterior, just use a damp cloth with cold water, or if the dirt is particularly stubborn, you just require some mild soap and water. It cannot be easier than this to clean your branded backpack.

Odor trapping

Everyone hates the odor of sweaty feet, so it is vital that your backpack with a shoe compartment traps the odor in the compartment. You do not want your entire back smelling like sweaty feet, after all.

Durability and Multiple Compartments

As discussed above, a shoe compartment that helps in trapping odor is the staple of high-quality backpacks. Moreover, with several compartments for your other belongings helps to keep your backpack organized and easy to use. With multiple compartments, you can keep the phone, keys, water bottle, sweaty clothes, and other items.

Built from Durable Materials

Your backpack with a shoe compartment ( LiveWell360/products ) must be durable and large enough for holding all the essentials like extra clothes, shoes, water bottles, etc. without falling apart. The backpack is reinforced with durable metal hardware in addition to its high-quality nylon, so you need not fret about your backpack falling apart.

Not Just a Backpack

The backpack is designed in such a way that apart from traveling, you can carry to your gym, school, workplace, anywhere in the world. As the USP of the backpack is having a dedicated shoe compartment, you can be assured that wherever you go with this backpack, there will be no stingy smell lingering inside your backpack, nor it will come out of the bag.