Six Vital Points That You Need to Consider Before Buying the Massage Gun

Medically termed as myofascial trigger points, muscle knots are typically little, bumpy tissues, which could be extremely painful and aching. In general, these knots crop up when we have a sports injury, slip, and fall or workplace pain due to our hectic professional life. Notably, with the presence of innovative massager for muscle knots ( https://vigorouswater.com/Massager-for-Muscle-Knots ), more and more athletes, activity enthusiast and common people nowadays consider buying this innovative percussion massage guns to make their daily life relaxing and peaceful. However, considering the appearance of cheap quality products that appear absolutely unproductive for you, think of the vital points before shopping one for you.


Mind well, that hurry causes mistakes. So, when on the lookout for a new generation massager for muscle knots, do comprehensive research online and get through the details of your personal percussion massage gun. In the process, you should consider more about the marketers of massager units, their range of products, mechanisms, and features, enabling you to go for an ideal massage gun for you. Remarkably, the market has been crowded with fake companies which are more interested to snatch your money and befool you with useless products, never for forget to consider the following points with due diligence.

Ergonomic Design

Branded massager for muscle knots is typically design with the high-tech ergonomic design making it extremely handy for you. Not only is it lightweight and easy portable but the device is made handheld, which you can use with no hassle.


First of all, make sure that you’re choosing products which are cordless and avoid massagers are available with corded battery chargers or operated backed by electrical power. An innovative percussion massager is one that is engineered with an in-build battery. In addition, the battery charger should be without cord type, which allows you to use them anywhere of your home, office or the place you travel for the need of your business or professional life.

Equipped with variable motors and a ball made of thick foam, the massage gun hits on the pain spot while rotating very fast in backward and forward motion. Depending on the intensity, you can adjust the frequency of the ball ranging between 32-40 times per sec. The foam ball penetrates the tissue knots, and while relaxing the flow of blood into the aching area, it makes you feel extreme comfort within some minutes. Check the mechanism of the device to ensure the uprightness of the gun as stated above.

Variable Motion

As said above, while an average percussion massager can speed up to maximum up to the point of 2000 RPM, massagers for muscle knots can accelerate at the level of 600 RPM enabling its users to recover injured tissues and pain points from muscle knots, no matter how intense that could be.

Carrying Ease

Difficulty carrying an average massager unit has been a common experience of buyers who purchase abruptly without proper research or go for cheap product items. While shopping online, check if the massager comes with a heavy-duty carrying case and helps you carrying your massager gun in a relaxing way.

Warranty Period

Check the warranty period and also if there is a provision of money back policies that usually come for 30 days.

Price Structure

Finally, you need to consider the price of the device, and only after comparing the product with the plus points of massage guns of equivalent types consider buying the best massage for muscle knots ( https://vigorouswater.com/ ) that you are looking for.