Benefits of Estimating Software for HVAC Takeoffs

Top reputed estimating software for the construction industry works perfectly with nay trade in construction by using digital plans for generating accurate material lists for your estimates. The lengths, volumes, and areas are calculated quickly, and then assemblies are applied for generating a customizable bill of materials. The software has all the tools and shortcuts required for making your HVAC takeoff ( https://www.wendes.com/HVAC-Takeoff ) and estimates easier than before. Isolate plan areas and create individual counts for switches, pumps, ducts, controls, or another element you may require on your takeoff.

Key Features

It has a comprehensive solution for accurately estimating HVAC jobs that are mentioned below.

• Enables you to accurately and quickly trace linear takeoffs for your A/C supply lines

• Deriving volume for rooms for cooling and heating has become very easier, and completion of takeoff is done instantly.

• Instantly generating material lists for HVAC assembly and calculating costs

• HVAC –specific pricing bids, jobs, and catalog

• Supporting various digital plans formats including PDFs

• Takeoffs performed directly on digital job plans using the on-screen digitizer

• Job-specific material pricing based on your supplier quotes

More information in a detailed way is provided in the following sections.

Master Catalog

It has the most complete and the largest catalog for your HVAC takeoff with over 2 lakh items. They have included data for oval, round, and rectangular duct, as well as specialties, hangers, accessories, and fittings. The catalog provides updated pricing and industry-standard labor rates allowing you to build estimates accurately and fast.

Easily Readable Reports

Within seconds the application can calculate material costs, square feet, pounds, and field labor hours with a single click. You can break the reports by cost-codes, zones, areas, specs, item tags, and many others.

Export Modules

Want to integrate the cost estimating system with the back-office operations? By using the software’s export modules feature, you can output your estimates in different formats like industry-standard XML, CSV, and Excel.

Cloud-Based Updates

Catalog pricing and software are automatically updated over the cloud platform. When updates are available, you will get a notification and can install whenever you want.

Access Network Anywhere

Performance is optimized for remote accessibility over cable networks. If you are having a secure Virtual Private Network, you can work from anywhere in the world.

Scalable Assemblies

Define assemblies that can be directly scaled on the plan in different units such as cubic-feet, square-feet, liner-feet, etc. It is useful for various applications like insulation, advanced excavation, refrigeration line-sets, demolition, and much more. These assemblies also suffer user-defined parameters that give you permission for modifying components at take-off time providing greater flexibility.

Cost Codes

By using your custom cost codes, you can get any specific information for HVAC takeoff ( https://www.wendes.com/about-us ). Cost codes are assigned at an assembly level, global spec level or on individual takeoff products. These codes are integrated with reporting modules and are reported to the MS-Excel spreadsheet.

Enterprise-Grade Performance

It is designed for handling large dispersed contractors across the globe and highly scalable for supporting thousands of users on a single file server when accessed from various offices.