How to Pick the Best-Bottled Water for Babies

Bottled water is the best alternative when tap water is unfit to prepare formula milk or for drinking purposes. While there are different types of bottled water available for baby consumption, it is essential to know that water must be boiled and cooled before preparing formula milk. In this way, you can rest assure that the water is free from harmful bacteria and other contaminants. However, some bottled water is safe for baby consumption as it is manufactured specifically for babies. But how do you know which is the best bottled water for babies ( Baybaywater/Bottled-Water-for-Babies )?

Different types of bottled water

Bottled water is available in a range of varieties. While some contain minerals, others are free from any minerals, including fluoride. Some of the bottled water is safe for babies while others might not be. It is important to avoid bottled water that contains sodium and fluoride.

Packaged drinking water

Also known as purified water, this form of drinking water undergoes several purification processes, including reverse osmosis and UV treatments. Although packaged drinking water is free from contaminants and other chemicals, it is not ideal for preparing formula milk due to its sterility levels. Packaged drinking water is derived from various natural resources such as lakes, well, and even taps. However, it is not safe for baby consumption.

Mineral water

Another type of bottled water that is not ideal for babies is mineral water, as it contains a high level of minerals. Some of this bottled water contains natural minerals whereas others include added minerals for extra taste and health. It is important to know that mineral water should never be used to mix formula milk as it contains minerals such as fluoride, which can cause fluorosis that can affect the dental health of your little one.

Distilled water

One of the best-bottled water for babies is distilled water as the process of boiling and then condensing it back to liquid form purifies it. This process ensures that the water is free from minerals and therefore tasteless. However, it is the best water for mixing formula milk and for drinking. It can, therefore, be safely used to mix cereals and baby formula.

Choosing the best bottled water for babies ( https://www.baybaywater.com/shipping-returns ) ensures that your precious little one is drinking safe and clean water free from harmful chemicals and contaminants. Check the labels of bottled water before using it for drinking or mixing formula milk. Some of the best-packaged drinking water is labeled as purified, distilled, demineralized, and deionized. It is also important to check if the bottled water is free from fluoride as most of the infant formulas contain mild natural fluoride.