The Best Advertising Agencies in Los Angeles Aren’t Sticking to Tradition

Let’s talk about advertising. If you want your business to be a success, then you need to be considering your advertising and marketing solutions. Businesses don’t get the brand recognition they need to succeed without it. But you already knew all of that. You probably already even have some brochures and business cards done up, and you likely even have some pull-up banners for special events and tradeshows. Did you know that there are more successful advertising campaign strategies out there than the old, “tried and true” traditional methods, though? Here’s what the latest advertising agencies in Los Angeles ( batteryagency.com/Advertising-Agencies-Los-Angeles ) are talking about.

Traditional Advertising with a Twist

Okay, so the tried-and-true methods of advertising aren’t all bad; however, if they are going to be successful in this day and age, then they need to be updated. Let’s take a quick look at the different types of advertising we are used to seeing and how advertising agencies in Los Angeles are updating them to provide more of an impact for your business.

Display Ads

Traditionally, display ads appeared in newspapers and magazines. You remember the one-page images you used to turn into collages for art class? That’s them. They are still around, but now that print media is less impactful than online media, they’ve had to adapt. Today, advertising agencies in Los Angeles are putting display ads online. When you click on a blog or online link and see ads distributed around what you are reading, those are the display ads of today. The biggest difference, though, is that they are now SEO optimized. Instead of showing up in topic-specific magazines to hit their target demographic, they are tied to the keywords that demographic is most likely to type into a search engine.


Billboards are still around, but now they’ve gone digital. Think those big-city TV screens you see on your way to work. Advertising agencies in Los Angeles have been using this technology to create more eye-catching ads because brightly lit, moving images are less likely to be ignored. We aren’t quite at the giant, interactive holograms of Bladerunner yet, but consider those to be on the horizon for innovative advertising.

Newspapers and Magazines

TV Commercials Radio Ads

TV commercials and radio ads still exist—but have you noticed they simply aren’t as memorable as they were when we were kids? There’s a reason for that: people just aren’t watching TV or listening to the radio as much, which means it’s becoming too costly to invest in expensive advertising strategies that can no longer be as impactful. Today, TV commercials in particular are almost becoming nostalgic—especially during the Superbowl. However, with more and more people streaming content on aps like Netflix and Spotify, advertising has had to get interesting. For instance, instead of investing in TV commercials, a lot of companies are finding success with video game advertising. And instead of running radio ads, advertising agencies in Los Angeles are helping companies to work their ads into popular podcasts.

Product Placement

Product placement is still an effective advertising strategy, but it, too, has had to adapt to fit the mainstream. One example of effective product placement is in video games. Advertising agencies in Los Angeles ( https://www.batteryagency.com/#about ) can help companies introduce their products right into the gameplay of popular video games. This allows their target demographic to interact with the advertising items inside their game. This not only allows the potential consumer to develop a more positive impression of the brand, but it also has turned into what is known as the “Easter-egg” phenomenon, where gamers actually go looking for specifically placed products and create forums to discuss where the items are located. Talk about a significant advertising impact.