A Quick Guide to Reusable Produce Bags

When it is about tackling plastic bags, it is not just plastic shopping bags that we want to replace with better and reusable alternatives. These bags that are colorless, extremely thin, and transparent are available in the veg, and fruit aisles at supermarkets are difficult to recycle, reuse and a big contributor to litter. Yet the discussion always happens to be around shopping bags, and the reusable produce bags ( www.organiccottonmart.com/reusable-produce-bags ) are left out. There are so many solutions to replace single-use produce bags with reusable ones as there are for shopping bags. We will be sharing some of the alternatives to single-use plastic produce bags.

Homemade vs Purchased Bags

Making a bag at home is always cheaper as you have the option to choose your own size. If you want bags that last longer and do not require to be mended continually, an overlocker produces better lasts than a regular sewing machine. If you know sewing, then these bags make amazing gifts.

Second-Hand Fabrics

Fabrics such as old bedding, sheets, tablecloths, and old net curtains are used for making reusable produce bags. Choose a fabric that can undergo hot wash and is machine washable.

Repurposed Fabric Produce Bags

There are websites where people sell reusable bags made of tablecloths and old curtains. Find a seller that is nearest to your home for minimizing the packaging and transport footprint.

Recycled PET Plastic Mesh Bags

Some people actually hate discarding the use of plastic totally and then purchasing reusable items made of plastic. If we stopped using plastic altogether and did not manufacture anything from plastic, still there will be a massive amount of plastic already in existence. PET is a type of plastic that water bottles are manufactured from. It is durable and hard-wearing. These PET bottles can be recycled into a mesh that is used for making reusable bags. These bags have a lower carbon footprint than other bags as they are made from a hundred percent recycled materials. The reusable bags are perfect for veggies and fruits, loose bread rolls, and loose salad leaves.

Cotton Produce Bags

They are great for all other things that mesh bags unable to store – flours and powders. The benefit of using these bags is they can be easily repaired and composted. You can buy these bags from your local bulk store as they often stock them or from online. Look for sites that sell plastic-free and zero waste bags where you will get various organic cotton bags.

Other Alternatives

Before going out and buying anything new, please take a look at what you have at your home. Numerous bulk stores accept glass jar for refilling, so carry jars instead of bags if that is a practical option for you. A pillowcase will definitely make an amazing cotton bread bag. Laundry bags are alternatives to mesh produce bags ( https://www.organiccottonmart.com/collections ) and are machine washable. If you are planning to buy something, just make sure that you will be using that one. Reusable stuff that is stacked in the back of your cupboard is not a good use of resources.