A guide for Homeowners for maintaining your Septic Tank

In this article, we will discuss how to clean the septic tank and what other things you need to keep in mind. The general thumb rule is you need to pump your septic tank every three to five years. The pumping depends upon the amount of water usage. The more people using the septic system that will increase the water flow and your septic tank will be filling up faster and ultimately requires frequent pumping. This may require more often than the prescribed three to five years.

Choose a Certified Cleaner

You must be contacted at least three to four certified pumpers for septic tank cleaning in Alvin, TX ( DraneRanger/Septic-Tank-Cleaning-Alvin-TX ) and choose that fits your requirements. Before calling the pumper please locate your septic tank. Below are some recommended questions that you do not forget to ask the cleaner about their services.

• The cost of the pump-out and if the tank is more than 1,000 gallons, will extra gallons charge more?

• Whether this cost also includes digging for uncovering the lid (s) of the septic tank? If not, is it chargeable by foot and if not, what are the fees for digging 1 or more than one lids?

• Does this cost include inspection of the outlet and inlet baffles in the tank and anything extra for cleaning the filter baffle?

• If you are having a long distance to pump or need to pump up a steep slope, provide the elevation and distance to where the pumper’s truck will be standing like in the yard or in your driveway. The pumper can able to determine whether the truck can provide this type of service.

• If there is a pumping tank, in addition to the septic tank, the pumping tank also needs to be pumped, rinsed using a hose and pumped dry. If the level of the pump tank is up to the brim, you need to pay extra charges.

Locating the Septic Tank

For septic tank cleaning in Alvin, TX ( http://draneranger.com/services/ ) most pumpers will be charging you to locate the tank and uncover the lids of the tank. It is best to trace the tank by yourself and expose the lid before the pumper arrives. It is recommended to install risers for making the septic tank inspection and pumping visits less time-consuming and easier. If you are having a 2-compartment tank, you have to uncover both tank covers. Both compartments require inspection and pumping. If the septic tank goes without pumping, eventually it will fill with solids and create issues. If there is an in-built map of your septic system, it is easy to locate the septic tank.

Cleaning the Septic Tank

Before the process of pumping begins, ask your pumper to measure the sludge and scum layer thickness. This helps you in understanding the rate at which the solids get accumulated in the tank and helps you in deciding the next time you will be pumping your septic tank. Most homes fall in three to five years range but inspections at regular intervals of your septic system will give you the assurance that everything is well within the tank.