Four Reasons to Hire Professionals for Advertising on Baidu in English

But for effective advertising on Baidu, you need someone who is an expert in it. It is not possible for someone to straightway start advertising on Baidu in English ( adstochina.westwin/Advertising-on-Baidu-in-English ) on its own just by reading a few DIY guides. There are many obligations that one needs to fulfill to start an advertising campaign, let alone the results. So, hiring professionals is the best way to advertise on Baidu. Have a look at the key benefits of hiring professionals for advertising on Baidu.

1. Open your Baidu PPC Account

Opening a Baidu PPC account is tough for foreign businesses without a Chinese partner. Navigating through terms and conditions and preparing documents for opening a Baidu PPC account will take weeks. There are many conditions for foreign companies that need to be fulfilled to open a Baidu PPC account. A professional PPC advertising agency knows everything about the official account opening process and helps you set up your Baidu PPC account. They will submit all the forms correctly, assist with bill payments, and manage the complex paperwork for you.

2. Create your Chinese Website

The first condition to open a Baidu PPC account is to get your Chinese website ready. When you hire professionals, the first work on website localization and get your Chinese website ready. They have a team of expert English to Chinese translators that translate your website in Chinese and help you in advertising on Baidu in English. And it is not only about translating your website into Mandarin Chinese; website loading speed, domain name, website hosting on a local server, and other technical things also play an important role. Professionals create your Chinese website with the fast loading speed, which helps you achieve better results for your Baidu PPC campaign.

3. Create Ad Copy in Chinese

Only 10% of Chinese netizens understand English. You need professionals fluent in Chinese and expert in crafting good copy for PPC ads to create copies for your advertising campaign. You could have the perfect keywords to target and a great landing page in Chinese ready to convert visitors, but if your ads are not readable, or don’t attract any clicks, then it is of no use. Professionals make sure that your ad copy is professionally written to attract your audience. They study your audience, industry, goals, and competition to create ad copy that produces conversions.

4. Manage Everything for You

Baidu PPC is a very complex process. Setting up a PPC account, bill payment, performing keyword research, preparing ad copy, and navigating through analytics requires great knowledge and skill. A professional PPC advertising agency will do everything for you and help you in advertising on Baidu in English ( https://adstochina.westwin.com/who_we_are/index.shtml ). They have experienced professionals who know what works and what does not and how to run a successful Baidu PPC campaign.